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Ability to flip/reverse a picture right-to-left


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I've been scanning some old negatives from the 1920s, taken in Denmark. It isn't always easy to figure out what is the correct orientation, i.e., which side of the negative should be face down in the scanner. Often I later find new information that indicates that I've scanned the negative incorrectly. I haven't been able to find a command in Daminion that would allow me to simply flip a picture left-to-right, i.e., reverse it. It would be very handy, given that the reversed image has been scanned, adjusted, sharpened, etc.


If there were such a command, I believe that it should reside with the rotation commands in the submenu under Actions, which appears when you right-click on a photo.


Or does the command already exist, and I just can't see it?

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