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Feature Request: Advanced Queries


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Hi together,


may I ask for another feature:


I am often searching for items in a certain context or a constraint. For example:


"Show me all photos auf Aunt Emily taken in April"


which will need a query like


(April2012 OR April2011 OR ... April1700) AND PERSON == 'Aunt Emily'

where AprilXXXX may be an also already defined Saved Query (Notice that Aunt Emily looks like a long living person ... ;) ).


Even better would be to group the month ranges together in a Query "April" which would result in


April AND PERSON == 'Aunt Emily'


I do that in IDI V5 and Photo Supreme respectively and won't miss that in Daminion.


Does it on the Roadmap already and perhaps will it be implemented soon?


Thanks for your attention



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