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Separate Tag Lists


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I need to be able to tag and search four separate organizations' pictures.


I need a controlled list of tags to help keep picture tagging consistent but I need this list to be different depending on the organization.


I understand I could do four separate .dmc files; one for each organization. But if I want to work on organizations cooperatively with others, this does not work as it requires the Daminion Server. I tried out the server and it seems to only supports one catalog.


Is there a way to host multiple catalogs per Daminion Server so we have access to separate tag lists and photos?

Is there a way to share .dmc files with multiple people on like a file server even though the program warns you against doing that?


Can we host four separate Daminion Servers on different virtual/physical servers using only a single multi-user license.


This is the only thing keeping us from buying Daminion as everything else about it is so perfect.

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