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Saved Queries with Creation Date Constraint


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Hi together,


I am pretty new to Damonion, so let me introduce in short terms: I am still looking for the *perfect* DAM-Tool ;) After a long and winding road leading me to ACDSee,Lightroom 2 and 3, IDimager V5 and at least Photo Supreme I detected Daminion this morning and I am poitively surprised by it. A lean and intuitive program which covers most of my wishes. Especially the map feature in 1.0 RC1 is amazing!


What I was encountering now is a bug (?) in Saved Queries which are using CreationDateTime constraints.


1. Click on the "Creation DateTime" Tag

2. Click on 2013

3. Click on March


and I will see all the corresponding images.


But when clicking on "Advanced" and saving this query, there are not entries shown by clicking on the Stored Query. The count to the right of the Saved Query entry is always 0.


To retrieve the result set again I have to choose the left gear button, and select the saved query again. Then I will get the expected images again.


BTW: This behaviour seems only to occur if using a partially date format (only a year, only a year/month combination).


Perhaps you did know that already, otheriwse it were just my two cents :)



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You are welcome.

Will ist be possible to create Saved Queries like



At the moment - No (although we discussed about this option in the past here in this forum, and will get back to this improvement in the future). All different tags are concatenated with other tag groups using AND operation, but you can select OR or AND between values of a certain tag (Value1 AND Value2 AND Value3, but not Value1 AND Value2 OR Value 3). For example:


Search for:

CATEGORIES: Building\Villas OR Building\Country House OR


KEYWORDS: Material\Glass AND Material\Brick AND Material\Steel


MediaFormat: JPEG


Camera Lens: EF16-35 2.8 OR EF17-40 4.0

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