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Feature-question/wish: Web-browsing a server catalog


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Hi Daminion

I have question regarding a feature that would help me a lot, or possibly a future feature-request for the (Home) server option if it is not already existing/planned.


It would be a great advantage if it were possible to expose the server catalog as a web-interface (mainly as view-only, possibly with simple tagging or rating support) so I could access my pictures from other "computers" that don't have a Daminion client installed. The most obvious of these would be my iPad & iphone, but for other people it could be a modern tv or media-server (boxee, AppleTV, PS3, (Wii)...) with a built-in browser.

This would probably also let people make their pictures viewable from outside the house through a small port-forward in their firewall.


A different approach to meeting the same need, would be exposing the catalog as a DLNA media server or other "media-sharing" protocol. For many use-cases & client-machines this might even give a better "experience", but DLNA clients are not yet quite as "universal" as web-browsers.


In general I must say that while I find the Daminion server solution to be a really cool idea that I have been seeking for years, I personally feel slightly "limited" by the "Windows only" approach in this day and age (e.g. my wife and I use only laptops, win and mac and an iPad) and currently our only "server" is a dedicated NAS server (proprietary linux).

I will have to live with buying a small low-power windows-server machine, and running a virtual windows on my mac to upload/edit/catalog pictures, but being able to expose the photo-catalog as web or DLNA would go a long way to making it more usable in our modern mixed-client environment (and allow me to at least view our pictures from my native mac without booting parallels & windows).


A secondary question stemming from the above: Will it be "easy" (i.e. a supported scenario) to run the server itself on a small windows machine but keep the catalog on a (mounted?) NAS server?


I hope you can clarify some of the above, or put it on your future roadmap :-)

Looking forward to an interesting product that will fill a big need in my life...


Regards Jan

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We test Daminion Server on a PC with average configuration: Windows 7 x64, Intel Celeron 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM. LAN - 100 MB. And it works with acceptable performance.


So I guess Daminion will works fine on a "small windows machine".


The disadvantage of using NAS along with a PC with Daminion Server:

- You will lose some performance due to the higher bandwidth between Small Server PC and NAS.

Daminion Server will download/upload the original files from NAS using your LAN.

- We decided to switch off auto-syncing the catalog tags with metadata on a Daminion Server (for performance reason). In case of a NAS it will significantly reduce the performance due to the frequent I/O operations.

Instead we'll write in the tags to metadata during the file's download. This although has some disadvantages if you have an access to the server based files bypassing the server.


...and running a virtual windows on my mac to upload/edit/catalog picture


Please share your experience after that :)



- Lightweight web-interface with read-only capabilities is a great idea. For future plans.

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