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AdobeRGB as Default Input ICC profile ?


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In the color management preferences I can only select "sRGB" as the "Default Input ICC profile", will there be an option to select "AdobeRGB" or other color spaces ?


For my imaging workflow, AdobeRGB as default input ICC profile would be elementary, otherwise lots of my images will show with wrong colors.




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This is the default image profile if no color profile will be found in your images. If your files contains information about your ICC color profile (for ex: Adobe RGB) then Daminion will use it as a Input ICC Profile


The additional choice "AdobeRGB" would be nice, because e.g. the Nikon software (CaptureNX2) does not set the color space / profile properly in NEFs, when you take the picture with sRGB (which is better for review of images on the camera display) and the switch to AdobeRGB in CaptureNX2 for better processing and save the processed NEF with AdobeRGB. Then the embedded preview JPEG in the NEF is a AdobeRGB image, but this info is missing and not stored in the NEF file :sad: so a lot of viewing softwares use sRGB as deafault and the image looks ugly.

With superior viewing softwares you can also choose AdobeRGB as default profile for images without color profiles and then everthing is ok.

I know, this is extravagant wish, but it would make Daminion color management perfect :good:




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