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Rating of Nikon NEFs different between Daminion and ViewNX/PhotoMechanic/FastPictureViewer Codec Pack


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Rating is one of my essential workflows during image management.


Working with the latest Daminion version (1.0.0 build762) I've found some discrepancies between the rating handling of Daminion and other imaging software (Nikon View NX2 v2.7.4, Photomechanic, FastPictureViewer Codec Pack).

please see the attached screenshots:


Three different rating workflows, which should lead to consistent rating data, but they do not:


1) 1st Nikon NEF: 1-Dominion.nef

I've rated the Nikon NEF with 2 stars in Daminion --> Nikon ViewNX2 and other software can see the rating


2) 2nd Nikon NEF: 2-ViewNX.nef

I've rated the 2nd Nikon NEF with 2 stars in ViewNX --> Nikon ViewNX2 and other software see the stars, but Daminion does not, it shows zero stars (after "Rescan Folders ... / F6")


3) 3rd Nikon NEF: 3-FirstDominionThenViewNX.nef

I've rated the Nikon NEF with 2 stars in Daminon --> situation like in 1)

I've rated the same image in ViewNX2 with 3 stars ---> every software can see the "new" three stars, but Daminion shows zero stars (like in 2)


The same happens if I do the rating not with ViewNX2 but with PhotoMechanic.

I do not use XMP sidecars, all info is kept directly in the NEFs - Nikon software does not support XMP sidecars :sad:


I've attached the four screenshots and can send the NEFs for analysis.


Am I wrong or shouldn't the rating be all the same, if I do it with Daminion or ViewNX or any other software, which can write directly to NEFs ?


Btw: rating with JPGs works fine with all softwares ...





PS: Did I tell you, that I hate the IPTC/XMP/RAW mingle-mangle ???






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Do you see the externally changed Rating (by ViewNX) in Daminion if you remove it and it again. If yes, then this bug was already fixed. And the bug fix will be available tomorrow in our forum.


I tried several approaches (read tags from file, remove and add the image to daminion, resetting and setting the rating in viewNX2) but Daminion nevers sees the ViewNX2 rating.


I'll wait for the new Daminion version tomorrow and try again ...

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The NEF is on the way ...


Thanks for the file. The problem is because the latest Adobe XMPToolkit, that we use, is unable to locate the XMP block in your NEF file. I guess it might be because other programs might incorrectly write a pointer to the XMP section.


Anyway we wrote a small workaround that find for XMP by brute-forcing the file (to be precise: the first 1MB of the file to keep an affordable performance)


And you can check it with the 763 build (not tested thoroughly yet)

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