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730 Export via email doesn't see Outlook 2010


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Outlook 2010 and 2013 both support MAPI as well. I don't see Microsoft removing that any time soon as just about every app that creates an email in the default client uses the MAPI API.


Just to confirm MAPI isn't somehow broken, I tested with Word, Acrobat X Pro, and IDimager. They all opened a new email with the appropriate attachment. Seems to be a bug in Daminion.

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- What Windows and Outlook versions do you use, 32-bit or 64-bit?

- Do you have the "MAPI32.DLL" or "MSMAPI32.DLL" files in your Windows folder?


Word, Acrobat X Pro, and IDimager


Do you use 64-bit versions of these applications?


From microsoft.com:

"32-bit MAPI applications are not supported to run on a computer installed with 64-bit Outlook and 64-bit Windows."


Could you please locate and launch fixmapi.exe tool in your Windows folder. This might helps. Please let me know about the result.

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Thanks for the fixmapi suggestion. While that wasn't what resolved it, it led to me another possible solution that worked.


Go into 'set your default programs', select Outlook, and choose 'set this program as default' (even if it is already selected as the default).


Whatever was missing or out-of-sync and caused Daminion to think Outlook wasn't installed was resolved by doing this.

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