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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, is Auto-sync available on Daminion standalone 7.6 ? The item for "synchroniste metadata" is greyed out (see "daminion-sync.png"). The explanations and screenshots on this page are not up to date : https://daminion.net/docs/automatic-synchronization/ How to activate auto-sync ? Thank you
  2. Hello Daminion-Team I have noticed that in version 7.5 build 2607 two configuration buttons are missing in the browser window. Attached is a screenshot from 7.5 and a screenshot from 6.2 build 1997, where the buttons are still present. Also, here is the description of the two buttons "minus symbol" and "equal symbol" from the German "online help". It would be nice if these two important buttons are available again in the browser window in the short term. They simplify the differentiated control of the required space very much. Thank you for your support. Pictor _____________________________________ Translated with deepl.com
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