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Further to my recent posts on slideshow functionality.


In Windows XP the nice people at Microsoft provided us with Windows picture and fax viewer. If you open the first picture in a folder with the viewer you can then go forwards or backwards and view every picture in that folder, or have it played as a slideshow.


For me, and I suspect many others, that's all we need.


If you open a picture with the viewer in Daminion it will scroll forwards and backwards through a number of files - sometimes several, sometimes only a few and I believe this is related to the folder structure in which Daminion holds the files. Additionally, the files are not necessarily viewed in the same order as which they appear in the Daminion thumb nail view - I suspect this may well be to do with careless maintenance of dates on digital cameras, and how quickly they are extracted from the memory card and stored on computer.


As a temporary fix I have exported a filtered set of images to a new folder, and then used the viewer to look at the photos, then deleted the folder.


I suspect I'm teaching a lot of you guys how to suck eggs, but this might be useful for some newbie non-techies like me whilst more people vote for a slideshow as a feature request.



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