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716 - Small install issue


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When doing a Custom install of Daminion Server, if I specify that it should run as a domain user in the form user\domain, I get an error saying that it cannot logon as that user. However, if I switch to Local Service and complete the installation, I can then change the Daminion Server Service in the Services control panel to the same user\domain, and it runs just fine. I tried the install again and this time specified the same user in the form [email protected], and this time the install completed fine (and, of course, the server is running fine).


This install is on Windows 7 x64 Professional that is a member of a domain. It looks like there is something slightly wrong with the say that the setup program runs the service login test that causes the older style of domain user specification (user\domain) to fail the test. Certainly not a show-stopper since there are several ways around it, but it might confuse some potential users of Daminion Server.

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