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Desktop client v9--sluggish when sort-by metadata and resize thumbnails in viewport

Diane B

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Installed server on a PC in the office, which connects to the image server as an attached network drive.  Others in the office connected to the PC with the v9 client.  When setting up their interface, each found that if they sort a category of 2500 images by a metadata field and then also go to resize their thumbnail viewport, previously zippy performance slows down to an impossible crawl.  It takes minutes to show the "down" caret in the category panel.

Wondering if this is a known bug, or perhaps due to a convergence of sub-optimal conditions.  Some of those PCs are running Win 8.1, some Win10, one Win11. Server is on Win10. We've all logged in remotely via remote login software.  Our server PC presently has 12GB RAM, though we await our eventual monster machine.  Will that make a difference, or is this issue something about the regeneration of 2500 thumbnails for each of those client computers, somehow combined with the fact that there is a custom sort? 

Love to hear if anybody else has a similar experience with sort-by and thumbnail resizing.


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