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Daminion trial v7


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Hello trying daminion right now.

Have few problems i encounter.

1, get some error like exception , when click continue program hang.

2, have images with tags but not all are recognized. Half imported files are without tags.

3, when turn off server by mistake and start it again , daminion freeze.

Also what are difference between home server edition and pro edition ?

Thank you. 


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Thanks you for your report .Can you share additional information?

1. A lot of exceptions are fixed in the new version. What you did to get an exception and we need a log from this exception to fix it. ( Copy text information from it and past to notepad)

2.Please send me these images and what tags are not recognized.

3.Did you press Stop and after that press Start? What OS are you using and Daminion version?

My e-mail for files and logs: [email protected]

Best regards, Oleg.

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