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Error: "Specified cast is not valid"


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I have a standalone version of Daminion that I use to manage my own photos. I keep my screensaver catalogue on an external hard disk, which is where I also keep the associated pix. I created and worked with the catalogue using my laptop over my home network.


This morning, I opened the catalogue from my desktop. It opened, but didn't display any pix, instead returning the message "Specified cast is not valid." Neither the photos nor catalogue have been moved, nor has anything been renamed.


Based on online searches for the error message, it seems to be a c# message that might have something to do with needing to reinstall the server version, but I don't have that. Does accessing the catalogue from 2 different machines make it think I'm trying to use it as an enterprise version? Or is it something else entirely?


Both desktop and laptop are running Windows 10. I've attached a screenshot of what shows when I doubleclick the catalogue name.


I could reconstruct the catalogue if I have to, but I'd rather not. Any and all help welcome. Many thanks, and HNY!




Post-Note Note: I think I worked it out. Turns out I'd updated to v5 on the laptop but not the desktop, so was trying to open catalogues created in the later version using the earlier version. Quite possibly a PEBCAC lol.


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When you open your catalog in the Daminion 5.0 catalog was upgraded to new version. So there is no possibility to open new version catalog at Daminion 4.6. Daminon create backup of catalog before upgrading. These backups looks like "XXX_backup042.dm~". You can rename these backups as original catalog name and open in the Daminion 4.6.

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