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Behavior of collapsed groups


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Currently, when editing tags in the Properties panel while a collapsed image group is selected changes only the tags of the first image in the group. Wouldn't it make more sense to apply the changes to all images in the group (seeing as they're probably group because of similarity)? Would it be possible to at least offer an option for this behavior?


The reason I'm asking is that I rather frequently add tags to selections of images and often forget to check whether this includes any groups I need to expand first, not to speak of that it's needlessly cumbersome to have to do that in the first place.

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See also here:




I gave up groups until this behaviour changes.

Possible solutions:

- menu "Expand/Collapse All Groups";

- filter "Show groups only";

- menu "Apply tags to group members", etc.


Didn't find that old thread, thanks for pointing it out. Too bad it doesn't look like anything's going to be done about it. :-/ I'm close to giving up on groups myself because of the tedium.


You can also use Ctrl-T (expand/collapse group) with a selection of one or more groups, but having to do so is still tedious, and the action is inexplicably performed rather slowly with larger selections: apparently non-grouped images are also being inspected one by one.

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