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Daminion offer so many option is that really overwhelm for a new user. I am not a creative person. It easy to fill in data is a fact, for example, Date, Time, Location, Author, etc. But for creative thing such as keyword, categories, tag, etc it difficult to know what to write.


So what sort of a system do you have? Tag that can be use by anyone other than yourself/private. Do you have a Color system? E.g. red is important.


I appreciate if you share your idea and how you use them. It would set other and myself to a great start.


--- Edit


After making this post I decide to do some research, and I came across this: "besthashtags.com"

It list Category and subcategory that you can use as tag/keyword. Don't bother clicking on them though, the hashtag itself is not useful. However it a great way to start and gather idea or even use some of these. I know I will be relying on some of them.


A excellent post to differentiate Category & Tag:



“Genericized†brand name. I didn't know this, it very useful to to references these term rather than the true word, "(e.g. “I need a band-aid†versus “I need an adhesive bandage.â€)." Good post.




This list getting long but hopefully it might be useful to someone. It seem like the Photography industry offer much more category than video.


Here are some listing:

User contributed,


So many that I just scroll pass everything:



Photography Genre, I'm no photographer but it seem many of Daminion user are.





This to categorize people. There is more in depth section you can find out there but the list is too large for me to consider it is usable. This is short and generic, it good for category and anything else that goes into detail can be subcategory.


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I use a very detailed system I have developed over the last 2 years for a non for profit group (Australian Wildlife Conservancy) . All images have these details:

1. Country

2. State/Territory

3. Locality

4. Category

  • a. Plant
  • b. Animal
  • c. Landscape
  • d. People
  • e. Assets
  • f. Surveys
  • g. Behaviours
  • h. Bio Region
  • i. Date, month and year


Each of those categories then has detailed keywords, depending on the subject matter of a given photo. I used fotoKeyword Harvesterâ„¢ to help me make the list.


The images have the basic information listed above, but the keywords are in 2 broad group 1) generic 2) specific. So a picture of a stromatolite in The Shark Bay World Heritage Area would be indexed like this:




fauna, (generic)

Hamelin Pool Marine Reserve,

Hamelin Pool,

microbe mats,

microbes, (generic)

Shark Bay Road,

Shark Bay,

Shire of Shark Bay,



Western Australia,

World Heritage Area,

World Heritage Drive,

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