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Embedded EXIF or Sidecar XMP files??...

Blue Wizzard

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Yet another question for anyone who can help...


I previously used Extensis Portfolio, and I believe certain MetaData was saved within the EXIF tags of the file. Though I might be wrong??

Other Tags, Keywords and Custom Fields may have been stored locally in the Portfolio database, but NOT as EXIF data within the image file?? Portfolio did NOT generate XMP sidecar files!


With Daminion, I believe that Tags, Keywords etc, can either be embedded within each file (EXIF Metadata), OR can be saved as a Sidecar (XMP) file.

- I can see advantages of both options :-)



Now, as I get to grips with Daminion, I am experimenting with Catalog Tags...

- I have gone into "Edit / Preferences" and then selected "Writing Metadata".

- Within here, I am able to select "Write tags into EXIF/IPTC/XMP (very slow)"

I am assuming this allow me to write the tags into the EXIF data within images, without generating an XMP file??


Can someone explain if I am correct in my belief??...




I am also generating a lot of my own Catalog Tags.

- Will ALL these tags (the original ones, plus mine) be witten into the EXIF data of on image??

- OR, is some data written as EXIF, & some written as XMP sidecars??


I can find no difinitive info as to how individual Tags are actually saved within Daminion??



I think my IDEAL(?) solution, is for ALL my Catalog Tags to be written into the EXIF Metadata of each image??

- How can I ensure this is happening??

- Are there any advantages of XMP over EXIF ??


Many thanks to anyone who can help...

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