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Upgrade to v.3.7 causes permanent groups to appear


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I've been away from Daminion for a while and just now upgraded from V. 2.0 to V. 3.7. I immediately ran into a problem that apparently has to do with groups. I've tried to read what might be going on, but I'm still stymied.


I have N folders from which photos were added in past versions and these folders are listed in the panel at the left. For the first N-3 folders I can click in the radio button to display all the photos in the corresponding folder, just as I could with version 2.0. But the last three folders display apparently only the last photo in each folder and that photo has a little number in the upper right corner giving the number of photos in the corresponding folder. If I hover over that number, a less-than or greater-than symbol will appear and will add or subtract black bars from the above and below the thumbnail box.


But what I want is to have ALL the photos from each folder to appear. I've tried Ungrouping, but the number disappears without giving me all the photos in the folder, and the submenu under Grouping still contains "Ungroup". This is so, even though in the information bar at the bottom of the thumbnail window, it says, e.g., 31 of 3000 items, where 31 is the number in the upper right corner and the number of photos in the folder. I've also tried Expand/Collapse group, but the group doesn't expand. How do I get the whole folder's worth of photos back?


By the way I didn't group the photos in these folders in the first place. But there is one thing that might have some bearing here, although it's hard to believe: The N-3th folder only has one photo in it. In that case the single photo is displayed by itself correctly. But the three folders after that, nos. N, N-1, N-1, all are stuck in what I guess is permanently grouped mode, where nothing I try will cause all the photos in any of them to display.

Regardless, can you suggest a way to display the photos in the last three folders, other than going back to version 2.0?


Thank you.

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