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Open with DXO and extented XMP attributes ?


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I would like to open files with LR5 xmp sidecar files and open them in Daminion before opening them with DXO. Daminion would be a kind of "hub" converting .xmp info to .dop files and vice-versa. Daminion obvioulsy uses .xmp for regular stars and text tags, but I'm unfortunately not sure if it reads informations such as rotation or crops.


If it does, can't it write .dop files before opening in DXO, and watch for changes in .dpo files after editing ? I can understand that it is difficult to treat the DXO output as a preview in Daminion and I can deal without an accurate preview of images given the tagging purpose. But beeing able to fully tackle .dpo and .xmp files seems an important feature for me.


Globally, am I wrong when I plan to integrate DXO and Daminion in a workflow, and hope that the latter would help me to get rid of Lightroom witjout loosing crops and such edits ?



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