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Counters for imported images not correct


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since the current release of Daminion which does not require to import-copy images that are on a local or shared drive I deleted all previously imported images in the catalog as well as their phyisical counterparts in the data-folder.


Since then I only imported a single image two times from a not local drive to check for duplicate handling. All other images have been imported using direct links (gawd, your nomenclature is really confusing btw.).


Today I noticed that there are several subfolders under the application data folder. The path "c:\users\franky\desktop\neuer ordner" is the one ive been playing with. I don't know how the other paths were created since i did not import-copy images and deleted the old ones. However this might be a mistake from my side, I am not 100% sure about this.


Whats really strange (and should be an application bug) are the counters for the folders. Daminions states that 2011.11.04, 2011.11.06 and 2011.11.09 have two images each while they are empty when I select them and the numbers aint transfered to the parent folders either.


I would expect "./2011/11" to show 6 and ./2011" to show 8 - "C:\" should show 9 images.


Apart from that querying a folder like "./2011/11/2011.11.04" should either show two missing files (since Daminion obviously expects two images here) or the number should be 0 but instead it shows 2 files but "No items match your search criteria".


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