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I recently tried to export files larger than 300mb and it didn't work. The error that I get is: #208 : TKM_3531M.tif Too large file to export. The file size exceeds 300MB


I'm pretty positive that I could export similar and even larger files before. I do understand that resizing/resampling such files is difficult and processor intensive, but I actually wanted to export them as tifs of original size (the original being also tif, as you can see) which should only involve reading/writing on hard disk.


Can any of the developers explain the reason for this limit and ways that larger files could be exported from within the program?

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You can export large tiff files as original files if you'll select the "Export Original File" preset in the Export window.


Unfortunately our image processing library works with large images ineffectively so we decided to temporarily disable an ability of exporting very large images.


I guess this limitation will be disabled soon.

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