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Feature request - GeoSetter directions


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now that I can import all people from Picasa into Daminion, I'm planning my next big project, geomapping the images. I have thousands of old images without any gps information.


I thought I will use GeoSetter because there is an extra information, it not just saves the position on the map, but the direction of the image, too.


But it's a big work and an unnecessary one if Daminion will not import that data in the future, because in the end I want to organize all images with Daminion.


So my request is that Daminion use that direction information, if it's possible.

It could be a simple arrow on the map, nothing serious.

Of course later you can imagine more serious displays, 3d or something in the future, like those 3d landscape and townscape viewer websites (when the whole picture based on smaller images, you can move around, zoom on details, etc.), it would be seriously cool. :)

But it's just a crazy idea. :D The request is a simple arrow solution now. :)


Thanks and Regards,


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