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Feature request: Export/Import Tag-sets in one go - Better Tags Migration


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The current export tags feature mixes tags from all selected attributes 'keyword, categories, events' etc.


Exporting them individually requires , going through the export process, as many times as the attributes wished to exported.


Proposed Solution:





Add a checkbox 'export multiple individual tag-sets' which exports each attribute as a separate text file.



Add a checkbox/radio button 'import multiple tag-sets' to the Import Tags window in addition to 'convert all field to'. This would let you select multiple attributes: category, keyword, events, people. For the selected attributes it would show a browse button, to select a text file.






Add a checkbox 'export all tag-sets' to a database file, which then can be imported directly into any new database. In a single click.


Add a checkbox/radio button 'import tag database' on the Import Tags window.





Add an option to Import Tags from another Daminion Catalog, multiple Catalogs. This might need some form of authentication for each source catalog, as a security measure.



Thanks in advance.

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