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Categories and tag sets doesn't always work properly


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Please help me solve one little problem with tag sets and category assigning.

I use Daminion 1.0.0. build 833 (Russian Version) to test it and liked it much, but as I've noticed, some jpg images don't receive assigned categories or complex tag\category set (Window tab) automatically. That is for example for an image of autumn forest I create Wallpaper\Woods category and combine it with Seasons\Autumn with the same main keywords "wallpaper", "forest" and "autumn" for these categories accordingly.It forms a complex tag set "Autumn Wood Wallpaper" (just one example of many others). Most files take this tagging as it is, but some behave otherwise - after assigning this complex tag keywords remain fastened to the file but categories disappear! Sometimes a stubborn image file wipes off the categories even after I reassign them manually in the Properties panel. Partly I managed to solve this problem by pressing the Save button after tagging, but it helps not every time. That complicates organizing my image library. The same problem goes with other tag sets and categories for different images. Please explain me what is the matter and how to assign tags, categories and especially to form tag sets correctly?

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