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Request. Choosing tags to import on photo import


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You asked to separate it ti new topic.


Situation for example. I'm using Daminion as cataloguer. Made my categories, tags, people, etc. Set them to my photos. Then I send some photos to friend which is using Daminion too and he have own kit of categories, tags, people, etc. If he add my photos to his catalog, then he gets my tags. I do not think that "People \ Family \ Wife" from my photo will be good for him - he have own wife. :) And other tags may be a garbage for him in his strict tag kit. I think it would be good to make selection to "import tags", "...people", "...location", etc while adding image.


Now I will have to:

- create new catalog

- import my set of tags to it

- import photo from my friend

- set tags in my opinion

- write changes to files

- import photos into main catalog

- delete temporal catalog with garbage tags.


Simple way is to make checkboxes "Import People", "Import Places", etc. But it will be good to show with tag will be new to catalog. It helps to decide which tags part (Place, People, Category...) you should import.


Hard to place this in one window. May be you should make checkbox in Options "Simple import". If checked then import will have old style. If unchecked then it will have two steps.


May be later somebody offers new ideas for import and you will already have import with two steps to realize.

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