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remove XPKeywords


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any way to add ability in daminion to remove those keywords located in exif xpkeywords field of image metadata?


i used windows explorer to add some keywords in the past and those keep popping up in new catalogs. lightroom and daminion.


example i added "test" in win explorer and when i import into lightroom catalog "test" gets added.

i delete that word from file in lightroom and sync metadata.

then import into daminion new catalog and "test" is there. remove it in daminion and write tags to file and import into new lightroom catalog "test" is there again.


the cycle stops when i go straight into win explorer and clear it there.


please make it possible to clear those darn xpkeywords in damiminion please.

or is there a script out there i can run on a folder with subfolders that will find all xpkeywords in files and remove them?


i do not know what version i use as i am not at home currently. i think is v1.0 (835) or something.



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