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870 - Still a lot of "Rendering..."


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I thought that you will solve all of the speed issues for Daminion's first purchaseable version, I really waited for this moment. I saw the tweet about the purchase, so I installed build 870 to try it, and unfortunatelly there are still a lof of "Rendering..." issues with random images.


One time Daminion renders the images right away, one time it's just thinking a lot on images (sometimes 6-8 seconds!), the same images which are rendered right away previously! :o And next time it renders them right away or slow again, it's total random and that's the biggest problem.


I experienced slow rendering often when Daminion was creating the thumbnails for the actual folder. That's okay, I can wait, but you could solve it.

I don't know what's slowing down later the rendering because there is no tagging or searching or anything, Daminion does nothing else at that time, at least I don't know of any operation.

There is no other running program, only Daminion, but it shouldn't be a problem anyway.

There is no reading issues, the hdd speed is very stable.


I tested with 4000x6000 and 1000x2000 pixel resolution images, and it often occurs with the bigger images, but it happened sometimes with the smaller ones, too.


And it happened all images, not just 1-2 images, so it's not the problem of the images. Especially that I tried them in Bridge, Lightroom, ACDSee, even in Windows Photo Viewer, they all render them normally.


It's local catalog with local files, and I created new catalogs (with 8-10k files) for the test, as always.




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