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Feature Request: Strong quick search


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This is a great software, but right now I feel the workflow it's a rather slow in terms of filtering the things that you need.


I think this could be greatly improved implenting 2 things, let me explain.


When I need to find something, its a lot faster for me to write down in the quick search field than to be scrolling trough large lists of tags, specially with some structures like the one used for places(which is great, but takes too much clicks to filter down to an specific place), but right now the quick search which in my opinion should be the single most strongest feature in the program it's barely useful, it only allows for 1 search term and if you want to search for more specific you have to open the advanced search which its good for some cases but falls short to be greatly more useful than actually filtering down using the catalog tags.


So, here's how I think quick search field should work:


It shouldn't be any more complex to filter down terms than to adding tokens to the search field to include or exclude tags from the search, you should be able to write "+" or "-" , use operations like "OR" and "AND" tho search things, example:


If I want to look for photos of mountains and lakes it should be as easy as writing:"mountain + lake" in the quick search

if I want it to only show photos of mountains with lakes in the same photo:"mountain AND lake" and so on


Taking this a bit further, it would be really great if you could make groups of those kind of things

say I want to search photos of mountains with lakes and include red cars in the search, this could be as easy as writing:"(mountain AND lake) + (red AND car)"


The other feature that I don't see as crucial as the one already described but that could complement it, it's "find as you type" of tags, when searching, so, using the same example as before, when looking for mountains with lakes, the ideal thing it would be to show me a list of tags based on what I'm writing, this could speed things up a lot.


Those are the things that I think would make the already great tag engine you have to get into a whole other level, so looking for a black Ferrari parked in downtown Vermont would be a lot faster, it wouldn't replace in no way the tag based filtering you already have as that allows you to do far more complex filters, but I certainly would be a lot happier when searching for a "black + door" or a "Paris + building", scrolling trough large tag lists it's not always the best solution, and current search methods fall short to fill the gap.


I know that the development of a great software as is Daminion it's no easy task but those are things that I would really love to see implemented.



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