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Floating Windows to remain onscreen


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Hi again... just noticed a behavior that perhaps I've just gotten used to over the years but was wondering your thoughts on...


When I have floating windows on a 2nd monitor (Thank you for dual monitor support by the way - another major complaint I have with Photo Supreme!), I noticed that when focus leaves Daminion, the windows are hidden until focus comes back to the program. This can occur when switching to another program or accidentally clicking the desktop on the 2nd monitor.


I have become used to programs like Photoshop and Indesign that leave the windows on the screen even though focus has switched to another program (that program just jumps to the front).


Curious as to your thoughts on this... perhaps others would not like the windows to remain?


Thx - Andy.



*EDIT* One other item to go along with the floating windows - would it be possible to please add in an option to remember the location of the window when you close one? I had the GPS window open on a 2nd monitor and then closed it - upon re-opening, it didn't open on the 2nd monitor but on the 1st. It would be great to be able to have the system open the windows to their last known location. In addition, the ability to define and save workspaces would be very helpful too... you could define one for keywording/GPS and another for culling images, etc.



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Hi Alexey - I just downloaded the latest RC version and do see now that the windows stay on the screen when focus is placed on another application (thanks for that!). However, I did notice 2 issues:


1 - if I open the GPS window and move it to my 2nd monitor, then close the window and then reopen the window, it appears to center the window in the monitor instead of placing it back in its last coords. Is that something this is still to be coded or is this working as designed?


2 - if I have the recently assigned tags open and listing the keywords I recently used, when I mouse over a keyword, it shows me the full keyword (nice for long hierarchical listings). However, if I move my mouse out of the window and then back in - the mouse over no longer display and I must click the window again. Seems the mouse is losing focus once I leave the window even without clicking someplace else.


Many thx...

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