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Request - groups in Advanced Search


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Now Daminion automatically creates groups by search categories, All, Rating, Keywords, Width, etc. And always put the terms in their "correct" place.


But there could be cases when we need an AND or OR operation between two categories separately.


In example, we can't filter the images for 4096x2732 or 2223x1564 pixel dimensions, because Daminion create 2 groups, one for the Width values and one for the Height values. So we will get the 4096x1564 and 2223x2732 images as well! So we have a filter limit this way.


I think it would be better if we could create search groups, and put there the categories we like. So instead of


Height OR

equals 2732

equals 1564


Width OR

equals 4096

equals 2223


we could create two groups:


group AND

width equals 4096

height equals 2732




group AND

width equals 2223

height equals 1564


And we could set a main boolean OR or AND for all groups, too. In this case of course it's OR but there could be cases when we need AND between more OR-groups.


I think this way we could create more effective filters.

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