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Daminion Roadmap

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Daminion 8.0

  • Face detection
  • Mobile App
  • Improving UI/UX for the web-client, stage #2


Daminion 7.7 

  • Integration with CMS-es
  • API documentation with samples
  • Approval Workflow (Email notifications) 


Daminion 7.5 

  • Approval Workflow (Regions, Markup and Comments)
  • Adobe CC Connector v 2.0
  • Improving UI/UX for the web-client, stage #1


Daminion 7.0 

  • Variants (Versioning)
  • Export to PDF as contact sheet
  • Modern UI for the desktop client
  • Improved performance for statistic calculation


Daminion 6.7 / In Progress

  • Access Control on the folders level
  • Filtering assets by Colors based on the predominant image color
  • AND/OR/Exclude operands in Web Client
  • Waiting room (approval queue that will guarantee that only approved by admin assets will be included into a catalog)
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Performance optimization


Daminion 6.4 / Completed

  • Version Control in Web-client
  • Maps in Web Client
  • Improve integration with other systems
  • Integration with Adobe CC
  • Search by ItemID
  • Resizable Filters panel in Web Client


Daminion 6.3 / Completed

  • View PDF files in web-client
  • Optimized Automatic Tag labeling
  • Much faster Web-Client with a bunch of minor improvements and bug-fixes
  • Clickable links in custom tags


Daminion 6.1 / Completed

  • Integration with Google Vision for AI tag recognition (on a paid basis)
  • Integration with Google Maps in web-client
  • Detect 11 PostgreSQL
  • Synonyms for custom tags


Daminion 6.0 / Completed

  • Background video processing layer that generates video proxies so you can play any video format via the web-client
  • Web-Client: Import from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • New Web interface
  • Sharing options via CDN. Integration with other systems will be easier.
  • Daminion Desktop Client can be used to access Daminion Cloud


Daminion 5.8 / Completed

  • Required Tags - digital assets can't be added into catalog until some required tags will be added (optional feature)
  • Custom Tags can be added and managed via the web-client
  • Export presets are available in the web-client (can be edited and managed either)


Daminion 5.5 / Completed

  • Improved Search (Faster and Better)
  • Draft cloud version is available for testing (by request)
  • Web-Client: Collections & Presentation layer
  • Web-Client: Video Playback for MP4 and WebM formats


Daminion 5.0 / Completed

  • Migrated to .NET 4.5 framework (must be installed on both client and server PCs)

Enhanced Web-Client:

  • Import
  • Tag Assignment
  • Branding
  • UI Improvements
  • Improving performance (mainly Import and Rescan Speed)
  • Versioning (RAW + JPEG)


Daminion 4.6 / Completed

  • Bug Fix Release


Daminion 4.5 / Completed

  • User Roles per Catalogs
  • Light-weight web-client (read-only access)
  • File/Folder monitoring service to reflect for outside file system changes in real time
  • Visualizing rescanning folders
  • Management of Daminion Server users via Web-Client without remote access to Server PC
  • Item Usage History


Daminion 4.1 / Completed

  • Add support for text documents
  • Update XMP Toolkit Library
  • Fix some bugs


Daminion 4.0 / Completed

  • Linked Items
  • Approved/Rejected Tags


Daminion 3.7 / Completed

  • Grouping images into Stacks
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Offline Previews. Medium or High res JPEG previews can be generated for large TIFF and PSD images to speed up the image viewing and decrease the server loading.
  • Optimizing the speed of queries


Daminion 3.4 / Completed

  • Support for creating and working with multiply shared catalogs


Daminion 3.3 / Completed

  • Synonyms
  • Custom Sorting for Collections
  • Optimizing Queries and get rid of Pages
  • Tag Groups
  • Duplicate Finder
  • Improving the Compare Images window


Daminion 3.0 / Completed

  • Access Restriction on File level
    A new level of access restriction to your image archive library: It will be possible soon to allow/restrict access to a certain group of items for a certain group of users.
  • Support for direct importing from cameras and smartphones
  • Back/Forward History
  • Bug fixing
  • Synonyms and Controlled Vocabulary. Moved to 3.2 version.
  • Duplicate Finder. Moved to 3.2 version.

Daminion 2.5 / Completed

  • Batch Rename
    Batch renaming of existing media items according to file naming templates similar to what you can use in the Import window. You can also rename files during the export
  • Creating a Contact Sheet and Composing PDF with images
    It will be possible to compose a contact sheet and save it to the PDF format or print it
  • Improving Export
    It will be possible to watermark and rename exporting images
  • Minor improvements / Bug Fixes

Daminion 2.0 Release / Completed

  • Improving Export

  • It will be possible to select what metadata will be stored in the exporting images and specify output Color Profile for them
  • DNG Converter
    DNG format provides the maximal compatibility for Daminion with external RAW editors because it supports updating of built-in RAW JPEG Previews.
  • Add REST API support
    It will be possible to integrate Daminion Server with external systems. The first API version will contain a range of method to retrieve media items based on a Saved Search ID, fetch media item properties, get media item thumbnails and preview. And a few other methods.
  • Import from CSV
    It will be possible to import files and their properties from CSV files.
  • Storage of User settings in the catalog
    This means that your UI settings will be restored on other computers where you'll log in with your user credentials
  • Optimizing displaying performance of thumbnails
  • Minor Improvements
    Various minor improvements that don't require a lot of time.
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixing all critical bugs


Daminion 1.0 RC2 / Completed

  • User Roles

  • The first version of user roles. Protecting access to catalog from unwanted users. "Reader" and "Power User" roles
  • Watching Folders
    It will be possible to merge similar tags
  • Improved Color Management and support for Camera RAW formats
    It will be possible to merge similar tags
  • Merge Tags
    It will be possible to merge similar tags
  • Import Picasa Faces
    It will be possible to import Picasa faces to Daminion People
  • Minor Improvements
    Various minor improvements that don't require a lot of time.
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixing all critical bugs


Daminion 1.0 RC1 / Completed

  • Compact View

  • A grid with square thumbnails. See an example below.
  • EPS/AI quality thumbnail and preview support
    A useful feature for designers and marketing professionals
  • Catalog Media Format Filters
    You can specify what media formats can be imported into a catalog by Import and Rescan options
  • Google Maps Geo-tagging
    1. Displaying selected images on a separate panel with Google Maps. 2. Geo-tagging images visually using Google Maps
  • Minor Improvements
    Various minor improvements that don't require a lot of time.
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixing all critical bugs


Daminion 0.9.9 / Completed

Release date: on January 2013

  • Removing Folders from Catalogs
    (without physical folder deletion)
  • Changing Folder Location in Tags Tree
    You can make one folder as a sub-folder of another folder by mouse dragging
  • Re-Link Item
    If you renamed a file outside of the Daminion you can re-link the offline item to the renamed or moved file
  • Copy/Paste Tags
    If you'll select the "Copy Tags" menu option, a window with a tag list will be displayed, so you can select what tags to copy. Then by "Paste Tags" option, you can assign the copied tags to selected files
  • Assign Tags to Files During Import
    You can define tag presets and then assign them to the importing files "on-the-fly"
  • Metadata Presets
    You can define tag presets and then assign them to the selected files from them Properties panel menu or via hotkeys. A set of predefined hotkeys can be assigned to presets. Example of hotkeys are: Ctrl + Shift + 1, Ctrl + Shift + 2, etc...
  • Minor Improvements
    Various minor improvements that don't require a lot of time.
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixing all critical bugs

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