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These files (1) are already in the catalog

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Running daminion server latest version.. Using a nas as the upload storage share. Sometime but not everytime. I upload a file or 2 into daminion, The process runs ok i get the one entry blank entry in the catalog of one of the files but one of the files gives me an warning message saying These files (1) are already in the catalog. If i removed the message then do a show all the blank entry of the two files will be there as if the error message never appeared So the process did run for both files but one returned the warning. I did once think ok so i removed the files out of the storage both the file and the xmp file and again came back with the warning, Why does it do this even tho for a fact i know there is no other file in the folder with the same name. As i tested it using a blank txt file with the file name of the date & time put togther.. But again it said the file was already in the catalog..  Its not a problem more of an annoyance. That i thought someone on here may help me to fix.

jpg One = The error message

jpg Two = show that the file did actually go in and create a blank entry.

So why is it giving me theses False warnings.?



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I had the same issue this week ingesting assets from home to my office server.

I initially thought that my network was the issue.

The files are actually imported when you examine the Import folder location (in my case at least), you can ignore the message until the developers roll out a fix, I suppose.

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14 hours ago, Daria Kotilainen said:

I don't seem to be able to reproduce it.

I ran into the issue too.  Here is what I believe caused it in my case:

Normally I reference the folder by network drive, even though the images are stored on the same computer where the Daminion server is running. The reason is, to be able to use "open with" also on another client, which works fine.

One day I imported new images, but accidentally used the local path. I.e. instead of \\netdrive\Photos\2020\01\17, I specified d:\Photos\2020\01\17. Obviously the import did work, but I realized my mistake later and for the purpose described above, I wanted to correct it. So, I removed those items from the catalog and and imported again from \\netdrive\ instead of d:\.  At this point, I received the "These files (1) are already in the catalog" message. I believe - not 100% sure though - closing the Daminion client and restarting it. I'm not sure any more, whether I imported the items again or I found them successfully imported in spite of the error message.

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Sorry for the delay.. Yes it still does it. the process runs as normal but the error randomly comes up. Not Always.. I am going to build a new server (upgrade the OS) from scratch) very soon or as with the current situation of covid.. So i will see if that stops the error it could be down to the current install of the os etc just been not 100% correct.. I will keep you informed and should this error occur after i will raise another post.. At the moment its usable, Just an anoyance. Really..

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Hi Daria, Let me build the new system, It could be due to the setup, basically I have upgraded the software and added new nas systems and had to modify the DC machine. Bit Of a mess really errors from the DC left right and centre. So the reason I decided to upgrade and rebuild the entire system from scratch.. One its done and up and running, If its still is creating this error, by all means your welcome to connect. at the rate its going it could be a few months before it all up and running.

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