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2211 - Custom Tag format "Link"

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Hi Daria,

thanks, what I don't understand is: on a web site of a client is somewhere an URL pointing to this photo. How does the photo in my catalog gets the URL?

Regards, Uwe

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7 hours ago, Uwe said:

How does the photo in my catalog gets the URL?

Uwe, I assume manually.  Daria, correct?

In fact I am doing so since several years,by copying and pasting the URL immediately after uploading. Then, I wrote a program which opens the browser, if it finds valid URLs in one or mor of those tags. 

I can imagine something automatic only, if the Daminion client would have a function to upload images to some Web sites. However, for Google photos, my program uses Google APIs to search my account based on the file name. Getting this to work was quite complex, but it does work automatically now.

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Posted (edited)

Now I can see it. I didn't see that there was another input field. Possibly a problem with the contrast on the screen.


Edited by Uwe
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