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What is waiting room?

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23 minutes ago, l.miklos said:

Access Control on Folders ...

Can you tell me something about this new feature?



Hi Miklos,

here a very short explanation, which is part of the post

Access control on folders level and Access control on files level are two different security protocols. AC on files level allows you to give access to certain files from a "locked" folder without the necessity to move files to another folder with different AC settings.

Folder level: you select a folder and assign an AC group "A" to this folder. Only member of this group "A" have access to the files of this folder. Additionally you can assign AC groups "B" to files. Even if this AC groups "B" has no access to the folder the files are stored (because the folder is assigned to AC group "A")  - you can manage the files assigned to AC group B

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Hi Miklos, 


1 - I will send you a video showing how waiting room works. Basically, this is an area where an  admin approves the files before the files get into the catalog (even though required metadata is filled  in or not)

2 - Before, Daminion web could only search for files with AND operand, e.g. you enter "Bird blue" in the search bar and Daminion returns only the files which have BIRD and BLUE. Now you can exclude BIRD or BLUE for good, or find the files with BIRD or BLUE

3 - This is an enhanced Access Control which facilitates the control of the visibility of the files in the catalog. Before, you had to manually assign the files to specific AC groups, and if you add the new files into a specific folder, they got visible to everyone by default. Now, you can apply AC on a folder and the files added into that folder will only be visible to people who have access rights to this specific folder. 




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