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When I use a folder to manage photos, if I drag and drop a photo into another folder, the thumbnail of the image in the original location will not disappear, and clicking on that thumbnail will also cause the program to become unresponsive. If I press F5 to manually refresh, the thumbnail will disappear, but the browser view will return to the top, I have to find the location I just browsed.

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I tried it again, as follows:
1. If a filter is used to display the files in the folder, the thumbnail will not disappear after dragging, otherwise it is normal.
2. Without a filter, if you drag the photos that have already been grouped, the thumbnail will not disappear. If you are dragging multiple separate photos, it won't.

panasonic laptop cf-MX5
Windows 10 home 1903
Daminion standalone basic

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Hello Mumutuu, 


Could you please tell me if you are dragging the thumbnail within Daminion or outside of Daminion? 


Please take a look at the screenshots below: 




I dragged the file into the subfolder Test 2 and the thumbnail disappeared (build 1997): 




When you are dragging and dropping the group, you should expand the group first, because otherwise only the first image will be dragged. All the files in the group should be selected to be able to relocate them into a different folder.


Kind regards, 


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