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1682 - 2457 camera tag - rescan folders vs. read tags from file

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I've inserted the scanner information by ExifTool (Open with... action) and imported this information by "Read Tags from file". These items are not assigned to the already existing camera tag (Canon->CanoScan LiDE700F) - it creates a new tag on the root level of the camera tags.


Then I remove these items from the catalog and import them again by Resan Folders. Now the items are assigned to the already existing camera tag (Canon->CanoScan LiDE700F).

Why do "Read Tags from file" and "Rescan Folders" are working differently? Bug?

Regards, Uwe

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it's little bit more strange.


1. Both actions "Read tags from file" or "Rescan Folders" create a new camera tag even if the same is already existing.

2. BUT if I remove the previously modified items from the catalog AND use now "Rescan Folders" to import them again: now the already existing camera tag is used and not the wrong one created by the action #1 before.


The difference to my first description is the different way of working of the "Rescan Folders" depending if the items is already in the catalog or has to be imported by "Rescan Folders".


Regards, Uwe

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not yet fixed in build 2233

I don't think that this is a specific problem. From my point of view it's a bug of the "Read tags from file" function. Why? - because if I import the same file by the Import workflow, the item is assigned to the already existing Tag: "Camera->Canon->CanoScan LiDE 700F" and doesn't create a new tag like: "Camera->CanoScan LiDE 700F".

It happens with all tags added by the "Open with..." ExifTool command: -Exif:Make="Canon" -Exif:Model="CanoScan LiDE 700F" -overwrite_original {Filename} independent from the Make and Model values.

I'll send a recorded video to Daria.

Regards, Uwe

PS, I've updated the table "mediaitems" in pgAdmin to get a right assignment but this should not be a global solution, e.g.
UPDATE mediaitems
    SET id_cameravendor = '6'
   WHERE id_cameravendor = '295'
     AND deleted = false


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Record a video and insert Update code for pgAdmin
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  • Uwe changed the title to 1682 - 2457 camera tag - rescan folders vs. read tags from file

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