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Linking to Model Release Form

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We are just getting started with Daminion, and would be interested in any suggestions for associating model release forms with image files. Ideally we would like to link a scanned copy of the release to all photos the release pertains to. Grouping comes to mind, but I'm not sure if this would work in a one (release form) to many (image file) relationship.


Barry James

Children's Therapy Center

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Thanks for the replys! The relations panel looks interesting.


Rene's suggestion gives me the idea if we just assign and individual's "people" tag to the release form it will probably be the only pdf document assigned to that person.

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I haven't tried anything with 4.0 yet. Do you feel it would be ready to run on a "production" basis, or should I install it as a separate server? Do the clients need to be at the same version level as the server?



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Hello AVboy,

the Software builts in this forum are not fo production use, just for testing purposes.



And yes, if you update the Server, you have to update the clients as well, but when connecting to a server catalog with a newer version Daminion will ask you to install the new version and download the current version from the server.

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