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  1. Hello Uwe, thanks for your reply and the link to Murat's instructions. I've reinstalled Daminion Server and tried again to make a backup only to get the same result. However, after that I've uninstalled the old PostgreSQL 10 version, stopped Daminon Server and started it again. This did the trick, now the correct pg_dump binary is used and I'm able to create catalog backups again. Again, thanks for your help and best regards, Maik
  2. Hello, I'm using Daminion Server 7.0 (upgraded from 6.8) and upgraded my PostgreSQL database following the instructions given in the post https://forum.daminion.net/topic/4606-connections-not-properly-closed-in-7002433/ The upgrade itself went smoothly, Daminon Server and Client work fine. However, I cannot create new catalog backups since the pg_dump file that is used is from version 10 while the database is 12.6. Is there any way to reconfigure the path for the pg_dump file? Up to now I still have the PostgreSQL 10 db installed (but the service is disabled). Kind
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