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    Folder Moves

    I'm unclear on how to properly go about moving around folders in Daminion. I understand folder manipulations are better done in Daminion than in Windows Filer Explorer. Could you give me a few hints or point me to documentation? I'd also like to understand what "Rescan" and "Relink" folders actually do and when they are required. l also have a specific problem. I have a folder "Birthdays" and under that a set of folders for specific birthdays eg. "Daria age 10", "Daria age 11". Now I have another folder "Nick aged 14" which accidentally sits at the same level in the hierarchy as "Birthdays". If I simply drag it to "Birthdays" (with the intention that it become a folder within "Birthdays") I get the error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". What does this mean, why does this happen and what do I do about it? thanks
  2. I have and it seems to work very well. It's a great help. Thank you!
  3. I have a few movies (backup of DVDs) in my collection. These are typically mp4 or m4v files and many have had metadata populated (can't recall what tool I used) including Title, Names of Actors, a Star Rating, Parental Rating, year of Release, Genre, etc. On importing such a file into Daminion, I note none of this information is evident in the Properties pane - in fact there are no properties for many of these items. Has anyone tried to utilise Daminion with this type of digital assets?
  4. When faces are tagged in certain other photo management programs, the process is to mark a rectangular area around the face of a person and associate a name with the face. The image metadata includes both the name [Person tag] and the position of the rectangle. This enables the face and the name to be displayed together. So my questions are: 1) It seems Daminion takes no notice of the rectangle information at the present time, though it certainly does accept People tags written by other programs (such as Windows Photo Gallery). Will Daminion ever take notice of this rectangle data? It would be really, really, useful to do so because when looking at a Photo with many faces, and many people tags, Daminion could identify which face is which Person (eg. the implementation might be that as the mouse moves over the face, the corresponding People tag appears). 2) I imagine that Daminion's forthcoming face recognition implementation might involve recording the presence of a face within rectangular coordinates. What if an image already includes such rectangular coordinates because the image was previously processed by a program (such as Windows Photo Gallery) that allowed the position of faces to be marked (or did that automatically in the course of face recognition)? Will there be any conflict? Thanks
  5. Thank you Uwe. I will try this out.
  6. See the attached image - I think it was scanned from a slide (taken in 1982) and the Location Information (and people information) was added using WPG. The Creation Date was also set in WPG (to be in 1982), though slide scanned much more recently. If you can show me how to copy the Location info to the place where Daminion wants to see it, and in a bulk fashion - that would be great.
  7. Thanks Daria. I examined my photos with EXIFTOOL, and the Location information is shown in fields: Location Created Country Name Location Created Province State Location Created City Location Created Sublocation I am a bit of a novice on these various standards and data formats.....but I think the "problem" then is that Daminion pays attention to the Location fields in the "Core" part of the IPTC standard, but not the "Extension" section - which is I think where the above data comes from. See attached document (which I realise is probably an old version). [Which is a BIG pain for users moving from WPG to Daminion!] Is it possible that you could introduce functionality to look in the Extension Location fields if there is no data in the Core location fields? I have thousands of photos with Location information as written by WPG (ie. in the Extension fields). Are you aware of any tools I could use (in a bulk way) to copy the data from the Extension Location Fields to the Core Location fields (so that Daminion picks it up)? Thanks IPTC-PhotoMetadata-2008.pdf
  8. Hi I've recently purchased Daminion and am moving slowly to migrate my photo library into Daminion. I have been a user of Windows Photo Gallery (WPG) for many years, but as you may know, Microsoft has withdrawn that program, despite having nothing equivalent to offer now. My first questions as a Daminion user relate to "Location" Data. Q1) WPG stores (at least under some circumstances) Photo location information in the IPTC ExtensionLocationCreated fields. However, I have noticed that Daminion does not appear to "see" this information in images (imported into Daminion). I am looking in the "Place" fields in the Properties pane. Can you explain this? Is there anything I can do to cause the Location information in my images to be incorporated into Daminion's view of my images? Q2) I note Daminion picks up Lattitude & Longitude information. Does Daminion offer any means to translate that information into Location information (Country, City, State, Location)? Thanks in advance.
  9. I too - as a new Daminion User - am looking forward to this feature. I do hope you've had the opportunity to have a look at the User Interface that Microsoft provided for this feature in Windows Photo Gallery. While the actual face recognition accuracy in the Microsoft implementation was only fair, the ease of use, and the speed with which large number of faces across many photos (Batch tagging feature) could be tagged with a person's name was pretty impressive.
  10. Paul - Your Help instructions specify to create a Catalog. When I fired up Daminion, there seemed to be one already established: DaminionCatalog.dmc (and already there are 8 backup variants of it!) This is located under a parent folder "Daminion Catalogs" in the Documents folder. A couple of questions: 1) Is there any reason why one may not change the name of this Catalog (using File Explorer) to something more appropriate (though if I take you advice and have exactly ONE catalog and no more, this name is as good as any!)? 2) Daminion online help info suggests the Catalog should be located "with" the Image assets, so the image assets can be relocated (with the catalog) easily at any time, and without upsetting the links from Catalog to Image files. However, with assets on the NAS, am I right to believe the Catalog needs to stay on the local computer, and not on the NAS (due to some risk of corruption of similar?) Rgds
  11. Well, I don't know about that..... Good ole (but now withdrawn by Microsoft) Windows Photo Gallery offers face recognition that's pretty useful. Tag several faces of the same person or set of people, then invoke the "batch tagging" function and WPG presents a pile of thumbnails of faces that it believes might match a person you've tagged. You can quickly select those it got right and voila - it tags them all. With a well-implemented user interface, it's a real big timesaver, despite far from perfect accuracy. It always asks you to confirm people. Of course, its suggestion is often wrong, it recognises things that are not faces at all, and it fails to detect the presence of some faces (let along assess the correct person), but it is still surprisingly effective and a big timesaver. It is really a shame Daminion doesn't have this feature.
  12. Thanks for the info. Why do you use Server instead of standalone, noting the extra cost? I thought I read that, with Server, users log on and are given "roles" etc so that some users can be restricted to read only, etc.? If I choose standalone, and initially install the client (and hence the catalogue) on one PC, and later want to move to a different PC, is that move easy to do? What has to be done? Is moving from a standalone configuration to a server configuration easy to do? Many thanks for your information and advice.
  13. rau

    Daminion 5.5

    :sad: Oh, the pain, the pain...... Maybe next time? BTW, Windows Photo Gallery has (had) a very effective user interface for face recognition and tagging. You could do much worse than reproduce something similar.
  14. Hi I'm thinking about purchasing Daminion Standalone (ie. Not a Server product) for home use. I have these questions: 1) Is the Standalone Vsn now also at release level "5.5" and with the relevant recently announced enhancements included? 2) Will the system work 'happily' if I store my Digital Assets on a NAS (Synology)? 3) Is it possible to access the Digital Assets (using search capability of Daminion) from more than one PC (in the house)? I presume one solution to (3) might be to use a Remote Desktop connection (to connect to the PC on which Daminion is installed) - but is there any other more elegant means (other than deploying Daminion Server)? And finally: (4) If using Daminion Server, is it possible to run a Client on the same PC as the server? Thanks
  15. I have a DS212 and DS410. I have around 15,000 images and video clips though much culling is needed. The images/videos reside on the 212 (mirrored disks).
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