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  1. I found out what happened to the keyword branches that I thought were missing. It appears some of them were scrambled under other branches in the tree. I have no idea how this happened. The changes were actually propagated into the file metadata. I should be able to just move the branches back where they belong.
  2. Raw files. There are only a few video files.
  3. Mark imported tags as unapproved is not checked. I believe most of the sidecar files were created by Daminion, though some existed prior to Daminion. Files created earlier were by mostly likely by Lightroom, though others could have been created when running trials on other software prior to Daminion.
  4. I had a minor issue that turned into destroying weeks of work on my catalog. I tried to move a folder and somehow it failed and wasn't recognized. I then used add files to import it back in, which worked. That destroyed a complete category of keywords, a major disaster. I tried rescan, but killed it because that was taking forever. To try to recover the missing keyword tree I then ran read tags overnight on all files. It partially worked, but the keywords from some images aren't recognized in the catalog. I can go to properties see a keyword, then try to use the read in tags, but the missing keyword doesn't show up in the catalog. The keywords show up in the xmp information in properties, but the keywords in the database won't show keyword. How do I force the catalog to recognize the xmp sidecar information, as a priority over whatever is in the file and catalog? Supposedly the catalog had been previously fully synchronized, as it previously ran for almost a week to synchronize, but it appears the file, xmp and catalog are different. I am about to loose weeks of work. It really isn't clear to me when and if xmp sidecar files take priority over the image file and catalog. At this point the xmp sidecar file info is correct as far as I can tell, but the catalog and the file tags are not up to date. If I create a new catalog will Daminion read in the xmp file information and result in a correct catalog? This would probably take a week to fully synchronize again. Note the speed issue is primarily due to the NAS configuration.
  5. Thanks Uwe. I really don't have a direction to go here. Google and Bing maps run just fine on any of my browsers. Something must be wrong in the Daminion configuration. I'm also running Win10Pro up to the latest update.
  6. When I try to use the map window I get a window full of exception error messages saying the the file C:\Users\.....Data.gmbd. Is there a simple configuration fix for this error?
  7. In keywords I have used the same name in different branches, some intentional, others not intentional over time. It seems to work. I don't see any problems this has caused. Here is something I'm dealing with on keywords right now. I imported my catalog from the standalone into the sever catalog. It is taking a long time to synchronize. Before finishing the sync I was moving some keywords around. I kept getting the keywords coming back in the violet color in the old form. I assumed this was due to reading back files that had not been yet sychronized. So for now I'm just doing some file folder cleanup until the synch finishes.
  8. My people list is long also. I identify them in keyword groups so I can just click the group closed so they don't take up so much space. Acquaintances Friends - Too many in this list, not sure how to subcategorize it Immediate Family - including children and grandchildren Our Parents Family - our parents and siblings Relatives - everyone else in the family This brings up the way that I have been using keywords almost exclusively of the other tags. It just evolved that way in Lightroom. I structure the keywords up to two or three levels deep and use them for location, people, activity, events, pets, you name it. These files aren't used for commercial purposes so I haven't considered SEO optimization. What are the advantages of using the other tag headers? Do you see any downsides to this approach?
  9. Greg

    Photo Management

    I think I've only caused one crash on Daminion Server. I've run into some odd situations where moving folders aren't recognized and it takes importing the images again and/or re scanning to fix. Daminion's straightforward presentation that allows quickly looking at the database from different angles has helped me sort out issues I left uncorrected in Lightroom. To avoid the pain associated with defects I tend to do things consistently with minimal experimentation. This isn't the best for detecting defects, but it saves me effort when dealing with 37000 images. Down the road after I get my photos reasonably organized I might do some experimentation to identify defects using a disposable database.
  10. I'm referring to the folder that is used when creating a new catalog, "Folder(s) to store uploaded files". If I use a NAS folder in that location the server will not run. So we put a folder in that field that resides on the local drive. To be honest I have no idea what this folder location is supposed to be used for because I have never seen anything put in that folder. I can use "add files" to load files, for example from a SD card. I also use time stamped folders, by Year > Month > Day. When importing files automatically are loaded in a location by that format. This is very similar to what I used in Lightroom.
  11. No I haven't been using Synology Photo Station. I agree with you that Daminion organizing capabilities are first rate. I'm also finding that they are also determined to get to the bottom of issues, a critical trait for the best software developers. A big thanks to Daminion support to help me get the Server working with my Synology NAS. There still is one thing that will stop my Daminion server from running. but can be ignored. The Daminion Server is unable to get access permissions for the file upload folder on the NAS. This turns out to be a minor issue since all other NAS operations including file import work fine. We concluded that Windows Pro workgroup and Synology file sharing aren't at 100% compatibility. I am told that Synology on a Windows Domain, more typical of a commercial team environment, is a smoother installation. My Daminion Server evaluation continues. Any further comments that I have on the Sever will go where they belong, in the Server forum.
  12. No luck again. I've spent so much time on every permutation I'm giving up and leaving this challenge in the able hands of Daminion support. - Greg
  13. Thanks for all that information. Still no luck. Even Alex had trouble with it yesterday. The only difference is that I have Win Pro. I will go back and double check everything later today. Perhaps I have a bad password somewhere. - Greg
  14. Hi Paul, Determination is always the key to success. Good job. We are having difficulty making the connection from Daminion Server to my Synology NAS. It would be very helpful if you could advise on which places the username and password were entered? What form did the user name take on the Synology end? eg: just the user name or prefixed by your windows computer name. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this. - Greg
  15. Hi Paul, My Synology NAS is running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 9. On Daminion I'm using 5.0.0 (build 1592) standalone with 35,271 files at the moment. I have experienced no other crashes. Are you using the Daminion Server with your Synology NAS? I'm trying to get that running to evaluate the performance compared to Standalone. - Greg
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