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  1. Can the tag assignment process run on a thread separate from the main application? At the moment the process runs in a modal dialog on the main application's thread. This prevents you from using the application until the process of assigning tags is complete... This is going to become an issue... especially when you bring in the larger result sets (more than 1000 records at a time). SBTW how is that coming along?
  2. I sent you a PM with the download links....
  3. Hi guys Please look at the recording attached here... Advanced Search Panel Control placement and anchoring.mov Note the operators and operands. between some operands the operators do not display and in the first set it does not even display at all. This is a minor GUI layout that can be tweaked when designing the form, I am sure? Also note the info panel above the results reports the selected tags as [Country] OR [Country] OR [Country] OR [Country]... Thanks for fixing the sync issue I had last night. SBTW I love the new import panel. This is a big step in the r
  4. Hi guys Could you please add short-cut keys to frequently used actions in workflow: switching views (between thumbnail and detail view) should be a matter of hitting a key, not navigating a menu 3 levels deep. like opening images in external viewer (SBTW the built in viewer sucks it is slow in network environment and only opens one image at a time) locating file in Explorer should also have a short-cut key assigned. I am sure that other users also have great ideas on short-cut keys for repetitive tasks !!! Thanks for great support. Looking forward to a stable Alpha releas
  5. I noticed that in the folder tree some nodes are not enabled. I thought that this was because they had subfolders and that the Scan Folder option is not recursively called for subfolders. Then I discovered that only only one folder in my tree (with subfolders) is available to be scanned. See screenshot... I am confused. Has anyone encountered similar inconsistent behaviour or is there a condition to this feature being enabled that I am missing?
  6. Essential to backtracking changes and viewing recent modifications (when files are not under version control) is the ability to sort records by record modification date. Please add this feature to the sort options...
  7. I will check with 503 By "hang" I mean the control still remains responsive the process itself stops. The animation keeps going but the numbers do not go down.
  8. There is still a bug in the Sync metadata feature. The process hangs when it encouters more than one sync instruction for a file (I guess) There are duplicate records in the synchronise table in the NetCatalog database. The processed column is set to TRUE and records are not deleted from the table... If you manually delete these records, the process resumes only to encounter the same duplicate record issue. I have cleared the synchronise table and will manually sync back data to test my theory...
  9. I didn't think of saving them for a post mortem, sorry. The installation was prompting me about an existing installation directory; I deleted previous installations and cleared my recycle bin. :( I will save them in future...
  10. Thanks for the updated installations. This did not fix the issue. I installed a fresh copy of the postgresql server. I am keen to test performance with a large catalog and have been importing images the whole weekend and will continue doing so this week. This is obviously a small bug in code that you can iron out with a couple of revisions. It is however keeping me from testing that is why I started from scratch with a new catalog. I am going to import at least 500 000 records and start testing catalog performance. Import should take about 2 days to complete. Will keep you
  11. The Daminion client disconnects from the server when one selects more than 10 folder tags. 10 folders max.mov This makes working with large blocks of related assets quite difficult. Maybe as a feature for future releases you can also address the size of the result sets from queries... I mean if my query returns 40000 records from the database I have to manage them 1000 X 40 records at a time. Being able to set the size (number of records returned) makes administration a breeze and not a chore.
  12. Hi I am evaluating the current beta in lieu of puchasing a 3-user license. My executive producer asked me to put your software through the worst case scenario to test performace. I have imported about 20% of my image library and made a change to a cateogry tag that updated quite a large number of records (60 000). The server logged all the metadata changes but encountered an error while doing the synchronisation (a file was offline). Now the sync process has been hanging for 24 hours. SBTW: autosync ROCKS !!! I can assign thousands of categories and the sync process runs t
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