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  1. Hi from Vienna First I created a new Catalogue. The I imported several pictures by copying the files to a user defined directory. I created the tags and gave them to the pictures - everything is fine! By the way - I have just moved to 5 - I didn't try the following workflow in 4 - I'm quite new to the Software! The structure of my directory is the following: Directory with pictures (organised in Sub Directories) *.cr2 *.xmp in the Root: *.dmc File *_backup###.dm~ Files Now my question: Is it be possible to move the folder with the pictures to an external HDD? I just moved the folder to the HDD and daminion didn't fid the pictures - as expected! So I used the tool "reconnect Folder" from RB in the folder to show to the new place of the folder But it did not work! Do I make a mistake? Is this workflow not possible? I Know: It is possible to keep the pictures on an external HDD during import. On the other side It is possible to copy the pictures to a user defined Folder during import. But I would like to realize the following: selected Pictures on an external HDD, and *.dmc File on the HDD in the PC! Idea: All my RAW pictures are kept (as they come from my cameras) on an external HDD. Then I import the pictures, I want to have, into daminion to get the tags / information needed, there. During this "import process" the selected pictures only can be copied to another HDD! (I think, this should work for a "virgin" database!) Is it possible to devide am existing structure into two "places"! As mentioned before? Is it necessary to restart work giving information to my pictures ? Thank You for help
  2. Hi from Austria I have used Studio Line PhotoClassic 4 till I found Your product! Now I want to transfer my pictures to Daminion. So I exported them in two files: the RAW Picture and the xmp File with the same name In the xmp File there are three custom tags - BEZEICHNUNG I, BEZEICHNUNG II and BEZEICHNUNG III - as StudioLine:var (about in the middle of the file, the long line! After the import to daminion I get all the Tags besides the mentioned BEZEICHNUNG I, II, III Do You see any chance to get this information into daminion? That would be great! Thank You! ... how can I upload the RAW picture and the xmp file? raw is too big, xmp is not allowed as xmp! I changed the extension to txt - so it worked IMG_0002.txt
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