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  1. Hi Wilfred thanks for the feed back, I am using Damion Server.. therefore it uploads the files to the server... Version is 6.4 (2099) I am sure is something to do with the search settings.. But not sure. Its just annoying when i works one day and the next nothing..
  2. Please help. The show last import has stopped working also when i import files into the database.. It doesn't show the files listed so i have to click show all and find the entries for them via the import date.. sort.. All i get when i click show last import or import files is the following message "no items match your search criteria" Is there any way to get this to work again. Thanks.
  3. Is there anybody having problem with windows 10 pro 64 and avg with dominion seems only way daminion will work is if AVG is Disabled>?.. I believe this as already been asked but haven't heard of any solutions. So to bump the topic.
  4. Is there anything.. Basically when the nas is full. I want to archive onto hard drives.. of which are stored in a container i.e.. plastic box (designed for storing HDDs) The catalogue I am using now I have set up an entry space for "Archive Disk" so I can put in the disk number to tell me which disk the file is stored on.. I take it all I have to do is move the file to the disk then enter the number into it the catalogue entry field. But will the catalogue keep all the info and will it auto update the file path. Also the archive disk is encrypted for security. Please would appreciate any feed back or advise before doing this.. Or would it be wise to create a separate catalogue for each archive drive.? and move the file to new Catalogue as available in the drop down list Just confused Thanks
  5. Hi just started the world of Daminion.. But was wondering.. Both the server and database engine/databases are on local drivees. the thumbnails and files them selves are stored in a nas. Will Windows server backup that runs a bare metal backup, suffice to backup the system i.e the server core files and also the databases (not bothered really about loosing thumbnails) also the media files are backed up through the nas.. or should I include the backup system provided via Daminion.. just scared that if the server fails and it need a restore a BMR. Daminion will not load up Thanks for any advice
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