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  1. Hello, when i try to open the uses-panel in the "'Daminion Server Administrator" I get this error: The complete message is attached. Can you please help me? Thanks & Regards, Alex Daminion-Fehler.txt
  2. Hello, is it possible to show the "regular" collections in the webclient? Regards, Alex
  3. Hello Daminions ,-) I just tried to upgrade to 1592 but the setup-process brought the attached message. Can you please help us? Regards, Alex UPDATE: I Just installed the 1682! Everything works fine! You can close oder delete this Topic! Regards, Alex
  4. Thanks Valery! Very fast und good support! Regards, Alex
  5. Hello i installed on a Win2012-Server. I have two problems: 1. Security Mode Active Directory: I can add Users, but as soon as i try to logon the attached error-message appears. 2. Security Mode Daminion: I add Users, but the error "Role Name not found" appears. Is this a Daminion-Problem or do I need to change permissions, e.g.? Regards, Alex
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