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  1. Ops, found... Auto rescan was accidentally ON. My bet, post can be removed...
  2. Why icon for one folder is different than for the rest? Folder exists, Locate in Explorer is working fine. File are there too. Rescan this folder and parent folder was not helpful. Relink folder also did not help. I know, some people do believe in magic numbers, but for me it does not make good reason to change icon only due to 13 files there... 🙂
  3. I did not see any new versions announcements since May, 24, 2021, version 7.0.2451. But in some discussions here I see some "hidden" 🙂 announcements for newer version, see screenshot. Should we all try to go to new version, or it may have more bugs then existin one? 🙂 Are there any "What is New" information? Where to see new versions if they are not announced?
  4. Are there any fix for this?
  5. I know these manual commands, would be nice to have some automation...
  6. Just recently have switched from daminion server 5 to 7, may have missed some new functionality... Are there any support for pairs raw-jpeg to ensure the same tags are assigned?
  7. Am I only who see this bug? Seems like nobody bother :-)
  8. Yes, Uwe, seems it works for me, thank you! You have saved me few days of updating thumbnails 🙂 Shame on me, I've forgot there is a link to thumbnails folder in Admin settings 🙂
  9. Thank you, will try. But later, I am organizing new PC now, there is no python installed yet, and it is not highest priority.
  10. I have noticed the same problem too. These pixels are transparent, in dark mode are still there, just became darker, so not so visible.
  11. I am migrating from Daminion Server 5.6 on Windows 8.1 to Daminion Server 7 on Windows 10 Pro. Catalog's backup-restore is working fine, but seems like no previews transferred. I can select all 180K pictures and run "Update Thumbnails", but it takes days. Are there any way how to backup-restore previews?
  12. Seems like minor bug?
  13. How to find and delete these "dead" thumbnails? Can you share your small Python program (with instruction)? :-)
  14. I meant the whole disk space taken by Daminion files so both, database and thumbnails. I have tried with brand new Danimion server installation so postgreSQL version is the same as integrated in Daminion 7 server installation. Cannot check now, far from PC.
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