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  1. I meant the whole disk space taken by Daminion files so both, database and thumbnails. I have tried with brand new Danimion server installation so postgreSQL version is the same as integrated in Daminion 7 server installation. Cannot check now, far from PC.
  2. Quick test shows it failed :-(. Adding 1000 photos in new catalog, import process stopped after 15 images processed. With no visible error messages, indicator is still rotating, but numbers are not changing anymore. Since it is experimental setup on virtual OS - I will not play with this anymore for now, have no time. but will keep it in mind, will be back on this 🙂
  3. I am in process of migrating from old Daminion Server 5 (and from Win8.1) to latest Daminion Server 7 (and to Win10). My catalog is relatively big, close to 200К photos, all tags and keywords are written into raw and jpg files, video files are just few. Testing two approaches of Daminion catalog migration (both on just installed Win10 and Daminion Server 7): 1) Creating new catalog by adding all photos; 2) Restoring previously backup'd catalog from old Daminion, and enforcing Daminion to generate thumbnails (were not backup'd-restored). Both approaches are working (although not fast
  4. Did service start? On older (very old) versions I see sometimes service did not start automatically.
  5. So, are there any success running Daminion on your NAS (where all photos are located) ? I am right now testing Daminion 7 server trial version installed on my Xpenology NAS (hw is similar to yours) in virtual Windows 10 OS. It works, but does not looks faster 🙂, hopefully will do more testing on weekend. I believe to have Daminion native package on NAS will be really beneficiary, may help to bypass network bottleneck... But seems like no luck 😞
  6. Are there any news in this topic since last post in 2018? 🙂 Are there any other ideas on Daminion and (Synology) NAS integration to avoid network bottlenecks?
  7. Ok, thank you. Will try, hopefully, on weekend.
  8. 1) No, I have not. I see in Services the PostGreSQL service is not running and i cannot start it manually. 2) Also no, I haven't. I could try, but i did not now user settings Daminion is using, so how i can configure pqsql after installation?
  9. In additional, PostgreSQL server is not running, when try to run service - it is not started and few records appear in event log: pg_ctl: this data directory appears to be running a pre-existing postmaster FATAL: lock file "postmaster.pid" already exists Is another postmaster (PID 2080) running in data directory "C:/ProgramData/PostgreSQL/Data"? If i removed file "C:/ProgramData/PostgreSQL/Data/postmaster.pid", still not able to start pqsql, now messages are: could not bind IPv6 socket: No error HINT: Is another postmaster already running on port 5432? If not, wait a few seconds an
  10. Trying to setup another "final" version of virtual windows and daminion server and have got unexpected problem - cannot start Daminion server. There is no one user created automatically, when I tried to create one (admin) - gave me error suggested to look in the event log... Catalog is created but i cannot add another one. Daminion Server Version: (kind of old, but this is the last version before my maintenance period has expired :-( ) Windows-10 Enterprise N (have tried few different Win10 versions) without activation yet. Screenshots are below. Are there any ideas?
  11. btw, I have setup Daminion server trial on virtual Windows 7 on my NAS, make test catalog and put few test albums there, just to experiment. If anybody are interesting to estimate performance - it is available from outside my home network, link is here http://sergeskor.no-ip.org:8081/daminion/, guest/guest. There are only 10 connections, so if you cannot login - try later. But daminion trial is expired on November 5 :-(. My setup: hardware is HP microserver gen8, CPU xeon e3-1220 v2, 8Gb ram, 4x2TB in Raid5, software is Synology DSM (Xpenology) 6.1.3-15152 Update 8. Virtual Machine Mana
  12. And what is the best version of Windows (minimum resources-demanding and 100% compatible) to run Daminion server on virtualized OS?
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