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  1. Ok, thank you. Will try, hopefully, on weekend.
  2. 1) No, I have not. I see in Services the PostGreSQL service is not running and i cannot start it manually. 2) Also no, I haven't. I could try, but i did not now user settings Daminion is using, so how i can configure pqsql after installation?
  3. In additional, PostgreSQL server is not running, when try to run service - it is not started and few records appear in event log: pg_ctl: this data directory appears to be running a pre-existing postmaster FATAL: lock file "postmaster.pid" already exists Is another postmaster (PID 2080) running in data directory "C:/ProgramData/PostgreSQL/Data"? If i removed file "C:/ProgramData/PostgreSQL/Data/postmaster.pid", still not able to start pqsql, now messages are: could not bind IPv6 socket: No error HINT: Is another postmaster already running on port 5432? If not, wait a few seconds an
  4. Trying to setup another "final" version of virtual windows and daminion server and have got unexpected problem - cannot start Daminion server. There is no one user created automatically, when I tried to create one (admin) - gave me error suggested to look in the event log... Catalog is created but i cannot add another one. Daminion Server Version: (kind of old, but this is the last version before my maintenance period has expired :-( ) Windows-10 Enterprise N (have tried few different Win10 versions) without activation yet. Screenshots are below. Are there any ideas?
  5. btw, I have setup Daminion server trial on virtual Windows 7 on my NAS, make test catalog and put few test albums there, just to experiment. If anybody are interesting to estimate performance - it is available from outside my home network, link is here http://sergeskor.no-ip.org:8081/daminion/, guest/guest. There are only 10 connections, so if you cannot login - try later. But daminion trial is expired on November 5 :-(. My setup: hardware is HP microserver gen8, CPU xeon e3-1220 v2, 8Gb ram, 4x2TB in Raid5, software is Synology DSM (Xpenology) 6.1.3-15152 Update 8. Virtual Machine Mana
  6. And what is the best version of Windows (minimum resources-demanding and 100% compatible) to run Daminion server on virtualized OS?
  7. What is going to happen if I will try to update "out of maintenance period" Daminion to newer version?
  8. The problem was the because folder name has russian letters, renamed the folder and files are updating now. Are there any setting to enable russian language support? Updating JPG were ok even in folder with russian letters.
  9. I have Daminion server 1608 which i've bought previously, maintenance period has espired. I am using it for home, to maintain family picture album, i am the one user only. Catalog is around 90K pictures. Suddenly I have noticed tags are not writing to .NEF files anymore. There are no any error messages, from Daminion interface seems like everything is ok, but from others program (for example: adobe lightroom, synology photostation) i did not see any tags there. Files .JPG are updated correctly. Here is my preferences -> writing metadata screenshot: What could I do to fix the pr
  10. I would like to come back with the idea to make Daminion as a Synology NAS package... Why I would like to come back? Because of this requested feature became first most-popular suggestion... https://daminion.uservoice.com/forums/272481-general/filters/top p.s. I am proud it was my suggestion, even if it is hidden under anonymous nick-name :-)
  11. Agree with first, but second could be solved by using one only keyword-tag, when it is present - property is set, when it is not there (by default) - property is not set. It is just a question how you will interpret that keyword. It is not perfect solytion, agree, but, cannot offer better, sorry :-)
  12. Unfortunately, Synology Photo Station is not really supporting Color Label tag, as far as some other convenient tags became standard, like rating, on the way it could be easily used to filter out images with or without these tags. I have contacted with them about it around month ago, lets see what is going to happen. I believe you can use keyword-tag for this purpose, like "Published" or "Unpublished".
  13. I am saving photos as a RAW, my typical file size is around 40-50 MB, I am keeping all photos on NAS but Daminion server is located on my desktop PC. When I am updating tags and keywords it takes around 40 seconds per file because each file needs to be transferred back and forth from NAS to my desktop. Placing Daminion server on the NAS will let me avoid double transferring each file, even if NAS itself will work slower than my desktop (which is true) the overall performance will not so suffer. As a additional benefit - NAS is on 24/7 so Daminion server is always ready. BTW, I will send y
  14. And reminds me this is a second most-popular suggested feature.
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