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  1. This method not will work for many-to-many relationship (keywords as example), because show you wrong result. But anyway, we will discuss include 'not equals' in advanced search on our meeting.
  2. Hi, kalain! When you select this query from keyword list ('Alt+clic' on "920" keyword), we know id (unique identifier) for this keyword, and we use it in database query. In advanced search window you operate with content of keyword (not with id). And 'Not equals' query in this case significantly more sophisticated (especially in consideration of synonyms for keywords). Formally, these two queries are not equivalent and may give different results.
  3. Hello, Uwe We will fix it. Regards, SV
  4. Hello, Alex This is the Daminion problem: the roles table wasn't properly created during the installation process. Can we connect to your computer remotelly via the TeamViewer program and fix this issue manually? If yes, please send me a PM with the confirmation. With Regards, Valery
  5. There is not need to restart the client to see the user name. It is enough to refresh the tree tag.
  6. Hello, Uwe I reproduced it. Will try to fix in near build. Best regards, Valery
  7. Hello, Uwe Thank you, we will fix it. Best regards, Valery
  8. Thanks for pointing to this issue! The bug-fix will be available in the next minor Daminion update.
  9. <fileFormats> <fileFormat guid="bdd7e5ff-8740-436b-bd6d-28be2cfe3409" name="JPEG" supportedExtensions=".jpe.jpg,.jpeg,"/> <fileFormat guid="605f71bd-15ec-4d25-8015-d48b870e7c09" name="BMP" supportedExtensions=".bmp"/> <fileFormat guid="a8c6b16a-5357-4c39-ac51-c4f5d1c826f7" name="TIFF" supportedExtensions=".tif.tiff,"/> <fileFormat guid="8e98be26-9a23-443c-899b-d764ce125523" name="GIF" supportedExtensions=".gif"/> <fileFormat guid="8508a8ad-6113-40ea-af3d-64e3dd2ac33c" name="PSD" supportedExtensions=".psd"/> <fileFormat guid="3c2ed4f9-ee9c-4670-b5c0-87e80b
  10. This is reasonable. I made the changes that reflected your comments. Thank you. The "Import Session Date" is still saved into the ImportSession table.
  11. Do you import JPEG or RAW formats? What is their average file size? I need to perform a few tests...
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