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  1. Thank you. I'm looking forward to this functionality.
  2. Does the new Google AI support facial recognition? The majority of our library consists of photos of people and we need to be able to tag faces for quick searching.
  3. The web client is loading 1000 images and then stops and just shows the spinning circle.
  4. Figured it out. The correct one in my case is "user@ad.domain.com". I was missing the subdomain.
  5. It's user mapping. I've tried using "user@domain.com" and just "user". I'm not sure what name to use.
  6. I can't log into the web client. I'm using "Windows or Active Directory Security" mode.
  7. We primarily use Collections to organize our photos. Most Collections consist of multiple nested sub tags. Yesterday, an employee accidentally deleted a parent tag and, of course, it cleared every tag under it... days worth of organizing gone in an instant! When I loaded up Daminion to see for myself, there were about 1/4 of the images that still contained the sub tags, but were "orphaned", without the parent tag. Why would those images have retained the sub tags even after the parent tag was deleted? More importantly, is there no safeguard at all against this kind of mistake? No "undo
  8. Thanks. That worked as a temporary solution.
  9. I recently moved Daminion database to a new installation on a new server. Everything transferred easily but there is one subfolder missing in the folder tree. When I expand the parent folder, all subfolders are present except for this one. Rescanning does not import the folder.
  10. I'm still experiencing this problem in 4.0.1214. I'm sending you new logs.
  11. I just moved my database to a new Daminion installation in a Windows 7 VM on Windows server. Everything works fine except almost all of the thumbnails are currently blank. The thumbnails are updating at a rate of about 2 per minute. Memory and CPU usage is fine. Is there some way to make this faster? Should there be any problem running Daminion on a VM?
  12. Thanks for your help. Is there any temporary workaround in the meantime? I'm desperately needing to get some new files uploaded for coworkers.
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