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  1. I haven't tried anything with 4.0 yet. Do you feel it would be ready to run on a "production" basis, or should I install it as a separate server? Do the clients need to be at the same version level as the server? Barry
  2. So, my issue turned out to be the firewall on the client PC blocking the ports for the catalogs. Thanks, Murat, for the quick response. Barry
  3. Thanks Murat, We are running sever version Client and server are on separate machines Server host is a VMware virtual machine I can access the server from a VMware virtual desktop I cannot access the Daminion server from my physical PC I can access the host server from my physical PC I'm available for a Team Server session.
  4. I am able to access our Team Server from the client on our VMware virtual desktop environment, but not from the client on my local machine. I am able to access and interact with the host server from my local desktop via RDP. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client on my local machine, but it now hangs trying to load the local catalog (which I deleted after the uninstall).
  5. Thanks for the update. Even though I didn't have auto-rescan on, I'm almost sure I had used the Rescan Folders function.
  6. I thought I recalled turning auto-rescan on, but in checking my client, I see it is off. I can't say for sure about our other clients, but I believe they would be at the default setting. I'm sending the catalog backups now. Thanks.
  7. Our Daminion Team Server (the application, not the host) seems to stop every few days. I get reports that our users can't access the catalogs and must restart it from Daminion Server Administration. We are running It's been running since I restarted it yesterday afternoon. Log file attached. Barry CTC Logs.zip
  8. I'm wondering what the current status of this undertaking is, and if you might be looking for additional assistance. I might be of greatest value for proofreading/editing, since I am still learning the workings of Daminion. The non-profit where I work has recently purchased the Daminion Team Server, and I personally own the Pro Server version. Barry
  9. Thanks for the replys! The relations panel looks interesting. Rene's suggestion gives me the idea if we just assign and individual's "people" tag to the release form it will probably be the only pdf document assigned to that person.
  10. We are just getting started with Daminion, and would be interested in any suggestions for associating model release forms with image files. Ideally we would like to link a scanned copy of the release to all photos the release pertains to. Grouping comes to mind, but I'm not sure if this would work in a one (release form) to many (image file) relationship. Barry James Children's Therapy Center
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