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  1. What a dumb post... Did you read my original post? Probably not.
  2. Okay. And the support mail adress is? Did not find anything on the homepage. [email protected]?
  3. I've gone back to v6.8.0.2380. With this version everything works as expected.
  4. Started from scratch with Daminion 7 Buld 2433. It completely ignores the GPS data in ALL my JPG-files and ALL my XMP-sidecars for MP4 files. Maybe this is related to the other current GPS-related topic? Example picture and ExifTool-Output from Daminion attached. BTW: The included ExifTool 10.67 is more than 2 years old... In its current state Daminion is completely unusable for me. And although I appreciate the new look this look introduces a lot of wasted space (as mentionend in the other thread). MP ---- ExifTool ---- ExifTool Version Number 10.67
  5. Trying to start from scratch with Daminion 7. Import stops after 15.000 files allthough I have a valid Basic license. MP
  6. Been away from Daminion for a while. Wanted to use it again and renew my Home license. Why do make it so hard to find the Standalone Version? Do you want no Standalone users? And where do I find information on the pricing for the Standalone version. Hmmm.
  7. So I assume Daminion Software is not willing or able to answer my question. Bye bye.
  8. It would be really NICE if we could get an answer for my original question...
  9. Yeh, they already did that with the predecessor... PicaJet.
  10. And what is new in the standalone version besides "bug fixes"? The rest from the changelog seems to be for the server version only... An "official" statement would be nice because I have to renew my personal license soon...
  11. According to the blog a new version 6.0 has been released on the 29th of January. I came there by accident. The Daminion homepage still talks about version 5.8. Where is the 6.0 release for Daminion Standalone if there is any? And what are the changes? Why is the homepage 2 weeks later still not updated? Why is there no news here in the forum about the new release? Still in business?
  12. Quoting myself here. What happened to the release of 6.0?
  13. What happened to the release of version 6.0? Last minute bugs?
  14. A build is not a release. According to the homepage the current release is 5.8.
  15. Oh, still a lot of PicaJet references in the code...
  16. I have a MP4 file with no metadata (see Daminion1.jpg). I set the date and time for this file and XMP metadata is created (see Daminion2.jpg). The date (and time) is correctly created in the sections 'XMP Exif' and 'XMP Photoshop'. The date and time in the section 'XMP basic' is set to '1994:01:01' and '00:00Z' which is - of course - wrong. This leads to problems with other programs and web galleries (for example Google Photos) which read the date and time from 'XMP basic'. This behaviour should be corrected. Daminion itself seems to read from 'XMP Exif' or 'XMP Photoshop'. The video file
  17. Any plans for an optional dark GUI mode? And any plans for a somewhat more modern look without the gradients in the title bars and the icon backgrounds? Daminion's GUI looks a bit "dated" by now...
  18. Yep, you're right. Hmm. Thanks anyway.
  19. Okay, thanks for the info. Should have done a search first.
  20. Is there a way to preserve the zoom factor for the map window? After a restart of Daminion the map always show the whole world...
  21. When I set the sorting in the main window for example to "Creation Datetime" and restart the program the sorting is reset to "None". It would be great if the selected sort order could be saved.
  22. Don't hold your breath...
  23. Definitely no. Works rocksolid on my Windows 10 X64 installation. Are the freezes on X86 or X64?
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