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  1. You're welcome, Egon 🙂 According to my experience with Daminion, I believe, it remembers the last 10 input phrases for the Auto-complete function of Description, Title, Comment and all other tags which cannot appear in the tags tree.
  2. Egon, this is exactly the difference between tags which can appear in the Tags tree (Keywords, Categories, ...) and tags such as Description, Title ... which cannot. If you changed all items having such a wrong Description, it is not stored permanently anymore, but still appears in the suggestions for a limited time. To make sure, you did change all, you can use the Advanced search as in this example: It should result in "No items match your search criteria". However, the fact that Daminion might still suggest the faulty entry when you start typing, cannot be changed, as far as
  3. So, you see the wrong description in the Properties panel? That means it is still assigned to one or more media items and you just need correct it for each of those items.
  4. OK, now I understood: Select the wrong entry in the Tags tree Right click the entry (or press the Delete key and go to step 4) Select Delete Confirm the message:
  5. Egon, I'm not sure, I understand your problem. Just guessing: Since the Description tag does not appear in the Tags tree, you don't know, how to find all items having a certain typo in the Description. Is this your problem? Can you provide a screen shot?
  6. Same for me! Just updated to Windows 1903 (Build 18362.295) and was able to open my catalog with Daminion Home server Build 1960 without any problems so far.
  7. This seems to work correctly* now in Build 1960 - at least according to my test with three images 👍 * With "correctly" I mean, Daminion recovers the content of the Comment tag when checking in an item as it was, when the item was checked our. It will not be written to XMP or EXIF (i.e. I did not see it there), which is fine with me and I did not test with other unsynchronized tags.
  8. Miklos did not say, what client he used. Above, I was referring to the Daminion client and never used the Web client.
  9. Miklos, what exactly is not working? I can open the map with build 1960 and seems to work the same, as it did before.
  10. OK, I sent it via mail. Could it be possible, it is an extremely slow process, depending on the size of the catalog (my catalog has 187,000+ items) and it reports all "unknown" first"
  11. Correction: I just watched again under AI Labels and found 1977 items, but all under the label "Unknown". So something did happen. The 1,977 items seem to be quite arbitrarily collected. Some, but by far not all of the most recently imported and many very old items (imported last year and created in the year 1999)
  12. Yes, I did watch there. I am able to enable AI Labels, add the Google Vision key and restart the server, but when I select Actions -> Generate AI Labels, nothing happens, not even an error message. I posted a while ago, but didn't try again recently:
  13. Ah ok. I did indeed activate, but it never worked for me. I reported it in another post.
  14. You're welcome, Daria 😊 Only recently, I noticed CVis.exe being active consuming CPU once in a while. Is it part of new function?
  15. Interesting. I did now and it remained for 2-3 seconds at "Clear removed thumbnails" and then "Vacuum" and finished. I have more than 187 thousand items in my catalog and cannot believe, this should be all to optimize it.
  16. During the Installation of Build 1960, I received an error message that CVis.exe could not be replace. It worked fine, after I killed that task with Windows Task Manager
  17. Uwe, this only means some part of the optimization is performed, but not necessarily all. In the progress panel you see 12 lines. When I started optimization earlier today , it stayed a couple of seconds on the first line (Create temporary table), then it "ran" through the next tasks in less than a second and then stayed again at som task at the bottom. I repeated it just now with Build 1960: It only did the Create temporary table and then finished immediately.
  18. I don't get the error mentioned by Uwe, but I have the impression, the optimize function does not do anything, because it completes in 30 seconds. I use the Homer Server with Build 1934.
  19. My Google APIS Quotas dashboard doesn't show anything for the Cloud Vision API (other APIs I am using independently from Daminion do work). I am able to enable AI Labels, add the Google Vision key and restart the server, but when I select Actions -> Generate AI Labels, nothing happens, not even an error message. Did you search for some Daminion logs, Julek? There should be something.
  20. I did create the credentials, but was not able to get it working on Home Server, possibly because I did not find how to unlock the administrator privilege .. or what else am I missing?
  21. No idea, why you can't select HEIC format, but it its enough to select (= single click) the folder and then click Add without selecting a particular file:
  22. Rene, the path is certainly not wrong and still works for me, but my Windows is not yet on 1903, so I cannot confirm for that matter. Anyway, Ctrl+I or drag&drop are two alternatives to do the same thing and I have the impression, internally they work slightly different. So it might be worth a try.
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